Betalin Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company developing an innovative therapy for diabetes treatment. This game changing technology aims to replace insulin therapy for millions of patients worldwide.

Our Story

Betalin Therapeutics is developing an Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP) to improve the quality of life for millions of people with diabetes.

Betalin Therapeutics licensed the novel EMP technology developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, in an exclusive worldwide agreement in 2015. The Hebrew University continues to partner with Betalin Therapeutics to support the research and development.

Based on promising in vitro results and preliminary in vivo results, Betalin Therapeutics has recently submitted a pre-pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Following the FDA's positive response, Betalin Therapeutics is now preparing the pre-IND meeting on its way towards IND submission.

Betalin Therapeutics is currently raising funding in order to further optimize the therapy in animal models, complete submission of the IND application to the FDA, and proceed to clinical trials. Betalin Therapeutics was recently awarded a competitive matching grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist, doubling the impact of investments made at this stage.



The Betalin Therapeutics team of leading experts in the fields of diabetes and biotechnology development are based at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical Center campus where EMP technology was first discovered.


Prof. Camillo Ricordi

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Prof. Ricordi developed the Ricordi Method – an automated method for islet cell harvesting. He is the Stacy Joy Goodman Professor of Surgery, Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Miami Diabetes Research Institute. He has served as President of the Cell Transplant Society, Co-founder and Chairman of the National Diabetes Research Coalition, Co-founder and President of the International Association for Pancreas and Islet Transplantation and currently serves as the Director of the Diabetes Research Institute Cell Transplant Center and Responsible Head of the NIH-funded cGMP Human Cell Processing Facility.


Prof. Eduardo Mitrani

Chief Scientist and Head of Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Mitrani discovered and developed Betalin Therapeutics' core technology in his lab at The Hebrew University. Previous discoveries made and developed in Prof. Mitrani’s lab have been licensed by publicly traded companies including Ontogeny (Nasdaq: CRIS) and Medgenics (Nasdaq: MDGN). He has also been a visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford Universities and publishes in prestigious journals including Cell, Science and Nature.


Dr. Avi Treves

VP Research & Development

Expert in a variety of areas including: Technology and business development of biotech companies, transactional research and clinical development, Red Med & cells technologies, Immuno-oncology, and commercialization of hospitals and academic institutes programs. Professor Treves is the CEO of Avtech Global Ltd, co-author of more than 100 scientific publications and 10 patents, and an active advisor in several programs and companies, including: Ella Lemelbaum institute for Tumor Immunology, Sheba Medical Center and Taburit Ltd. Family cord blood banking.


MR. Eli Ishai

Advisory Board Member
Former Vice Prime Minister

An Israeli politician. Mr. Ishai held several ministerial posts including: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of industry Trade & Labor, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Labor & Social Services.


Prof. James Shapiro

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Prof. Shapiro developed the Edmonton Protocol – the most advanced treatment currently being developed for the most severe cases of Type I diabetes. He is a professor of surgery, medicine and surgical oncology, and the director of the Clinical Islet Transplant Program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and is the Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and Regenerative Medicine.


Prof. Yaron Ilan        

Medical Advisor

Prof. Ilan is the Director of the Department of Medicine at The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center. Prof. Ilan is an expert in diabetes and immunology and has vast experience in managing pre-clinical and clinical studies, has invented a number of drugs currently being developed by pharmaceutical companies, and has also founded several successful biomedical start-ups.


Mr. Jacob


Driven results oriented executive in healthcare technology industry with vast experience ranging from identifying technologies that meets a need, creating business and regulatory plans, setting up activity, capital raising, and managing company activities towards manufacturing & commercialization. Mr. Jacob Ben-Arie has provided consultancy management and mentoring services to several device companies such as Gynamics Woman Health and FNA Technologies. Moreover, Mr. Ben-Arie led general & operational activities at Orgenesis Inc, a company that developed an autologous Insulin-Producing cells for the treatment of diabetes.


Dr. Orit Goldman

Lab Manager

Dr. Orit Goldman obtained her Ph.D. in the field of biology of blood cells from Denis Diderot University Paris VII, France. She is a post-doctoral fellow and has worked in several projects including: human liver development & cancer using human embryonic (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) differentiation systems and human tissues.


Today diabetes management requires a combination of medications and lifestyle changes. This is a physical, emotional and financial burden on millions of people with diabetes and their caregivers.


When we digest food, sugar is released into our blood. That sugar needs to be absorbed into the body and used for energy. Beta cells in the pancreas make and secrete insulin, which, in turn, allows the body to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood. When beta cells malfunction, glucose is not absorbed from the blood in a steady, healthy fashion.
Diabetes is when the beta cells do not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot use the insulin the beta cells produce.


TYPE I diabetes is when the body's own immune system attacks the cells, damaging them until they cannot do their job producing insulin. Type I diabetes is a chronic disease that requires life-long insulin supplement treatment and a strict lifestyle regimen to prevent complications like cardiovascular disease, damage to the eyes, kidneys and nerves, and premature death.
There is no cure.


TYPE II diabetes is when the beta cells do produce insulin but the body can't take advantage of it to get the job done. Type II diabetes is often caused by obesity, smoking and other unhealthy behaviors. More than 30% of people with Type II diabetes take insulin. Many are able to manage or even reverse their condition with lifestyle changes, sometimes combined with other medications that make it easier for their bodies to work with the insulin they do produce.

How many people are affected by diabetes

More than 420 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes1.

No one really knows why Type I diabetes develops, but it accounts for about 10% of cases worldwide* including more than 3 million Americans2.
80 more are diagnosed every day and that number goes up every year.

Diabetes management also takes a big toll – emotionally and financially – on loved ones and other caregivers of people with diabetes.

1 World Health Organization, 2014 2 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Betalin Therapeutics' EMPs are a technological breakthrough that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people each year.

Betalin Therapeutics' proprietary technology is a biological micro-environment for supporting the harvested islets. The combination of the harvested cells and the proprietary micro-environment is called Engineered Micro-Pancreas (EMP).

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The Science

"Islet transplantation has become a feasible cell therapy procedure that aims to achieve normoglycemia in severe diabetic patients. Currently, one of the greatest challenges in this approach is early islet cell death."


Betalin Therapeutics is developing an exciting new solution for diabetes treatment. Check out the latest news here.

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Betalin Therapeutics Introduces Novel Approach to Treat Diabetes


Betalin Therapeutics is developing a cutting edge solution for diabetes. Contact us to find out how you can be a part of this exciting journey.

Betalin Therapeutics is currently in the pre-clinical phase and is not recruiting patients for clinical trials. If you are interested in participating in clinical trials in the future, watch this space for updates.

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+972 (50) 843 1473

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Betalin Therapeutics has licensed an exciting, cutting edge technology with the potential to radically improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide. In order to take the next steps towards that aim, we are currently raising the capital that will allow us to further optimize the therapy in animal models, complete submission of the Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA, and proceed to clinical trials. To hear more about how we can revolutionize diabetes treatment together, get in touch today.

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